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About us

The College of Biological Science and Engineering, formerly the Department of Light Industry, was established in 1978 and once renamed as the Qiaoxing Light Industry School of Fuzhou University in 1988. With the development of disciplines, original schools and departments have been integrated into the College of Biological Science and Engineering since 2004.

There are 70 full-time teachers, among which, one is awarded the chair professor of “Changjiang Scholars” and winner of “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, another one “Young and middle-aged leading scientist, engineer and innovator by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China”, still another one Fujian Leading Scientist and Innovator, four the chair professors of “Minjiang Scholars”, one nominated for the provincial candidate of “The New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project”, one awarded the Fujian High–Level Entrepreneurial and Innovative Talent, seven supported by the “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities of Fujian Province”, two the appointed professors of “Minjiang Scholars” , anther two honoured as “the Baogang Urban Distinguished Teachers”, one the “Fujian Provincial Distinguished Teacher”, three “Excellent Teachers of Fuzhou University”. In terms of academic titles, 15 teachers have senior academic titles and 16 have associate senior academic titles. Besides, 52 people have doctoral degrees.

There are two key disciplines at the provincial level in our school, i.e. Biology and Food Science and Engineering, one sub-discipline of doctoral programs Biology and Medical Engineering, three disciplines of master programs Biology, Food Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, 12 sub-disciplines of master programs Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Developmental Biology, Biological Physics, Food Science, Food, Fat and Protein Engineering, Engineering of Aquatic Product Processing and Preservation, Engineering of Agricultural Product Processing and Preservation, Fermentation Engineering, as well as two professional degrees Biological Engineering and Food Engineering. In addition, there are three programme for bachelor degree: Food Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering. Besides, we have one provincial specialized discipline, i.e. Food Science and Engineering, one provincial Centre for Experimental Teaching and Demonstration and one provincial innovation pilot of Training Mode. We have now 680 undergraduates and 226 students in graduate school.

In terms of scientific research, we now have one Key Laboratory of Marine Enzyme Engineering in Fujian Province, one Development Base of Food Biotechnology, one R&D Centre for Innovative Engineering Technologies of Biotechnology, one Training and Research Base for Food Safety, one Division of National Engineering Laboratory for Enzyme Over Expression and two specialized discipline laboratories supported by Fujian Province and MOE-- Engineering and Techonologies Laboratory for Biomedicine, Central Laboratory for Food Science and Engineering. What’s more, we have seven research institutes, i.e. the Enzyme Engineering Institute of Fuzhou University, the Medical Biotechnology and Engineering Institute, the Biological Engineering Institute, the Food Science and Technology Institute, the Natural Products and Modernization of TCM Institute, as well as the Applied Genomics and Food and Marine Biological Resource Institute.

During the twelfth Five-Year Plan, we initialled 91 government sponsored research projects, with total funds amounting to 66.1854 million RMB. which quadrupled as much as those in the last Five-Year Plan. Among these projects, 2 are supported by the Scientific Research Project exclusive of National Ocean Public Welfare enterprises, 4 are sub-projects of the 863 Program, one is the sub-project of the 973 Program, one is the sub-project of Research Projects of State Agricultural Public Welfare Industry, 19 are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation; 4 are Fujian Provincial Major Projects for Industry-Academic Cooperation, 5 are Key Projects of the  Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, 4 are Fujian Provincial Projects of the Marine High-Tech Industrial Development, 1 is the Fujian Provincial Innovative Project supported by the Fujian Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, 3 are supported by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, 19 are supported by the Fujian Provincial Science Foundation, and etc. 73 projects are sponsored by enterprises and we have received funds worth 12.636 million RMB.

During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, we have won the Second Prize of Fujian Provincial Natural Science Awards, three Third Prizes of Fujian Provincial Natural Science Awards, the First Prize of the Fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Fujian Province. Whats more we are granted 103 National invention patents, 8 patents for Utility Model, 4 items for Software Copyright Registration. Weve published 93 articles in SCI journals, of which 8 are among the top.

At present, our college are following the university principle of “building a high-level and entrepreneurial university with regional features” and pushing forward the development of a high-level Teaching and Research college. Faced with new opportunity and challenge, we will continue to strengthen our inner construction and promote our education quality with broaden mind and international vision with reference to the advanced ideas and experiences from home and abroad. We hope to develop in a sustainable way and make contribution to our nation’s innovation and the social and economic development of Western Coast Economic Zone of Fujian Province.

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